Voter Resources

Get all the info you need to learn how to register, where to go to vote, and when elections are happening. 


Work the system, so it works for you. 

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Are you 18, but not registered to vote?

Click here to learn how you can register to vote in Florida.

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Can't remember if you're registered to vote in Florida? That's OK!

You can check here. 


Here's how you can voice your vote. 

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Find out what local elections are happening in your state and how you can register to vote. 

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Do you know where to go to vote? Are you interested in voting by mail? You can use this tool to learn more about how you can vote. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it too late to register to vote?

Registration deadlines can vary by state. Check HERE.

Can I register to vote online?

Again, it depends on your state. But you can check that out HERE.

I just moved to a new state, when can I register to vote here?

It is possible that you may have to wait a certain time period before you can be considered a resident of your new state. Check your new state's residency policies HERE.

I was convicted of a felony. Can I still register to vote?

The voters restoration of felons varies by state. You can check your state's policy on that HERE.